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          COVID-19 subunit vaccine – AKS-452

          AKS-452 – a vaccine for everywhere and everyone in the World.

          Transportable without cold-chain:

          Shelf-stable for over six months at 25° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit)

          Maintains potency for one month at 37° Celsius (99° Fahrenheit)

          High volume, low cost manufacturing:

          Uses established antibody production infrastructure

          Single production line can make over one billion doses per year

          Does not include mRNA technology, viral vectors, or a weakened SARS-CoV-2 virus

          Focused presentation of Receptor Binding Domain (RBD)

          Designed to preserve effectiveness against viral variants

          Suitable for boosting immune response of those vaccinated or recovered from infection

          Development of an IgG-Fc fusion COVID-19 subunit vaccine, AKS-452

          Development of an IgG-Fc fusion COVID-19 subunit vaccine, AKS-452

          Vaccine, October 29, 2021

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          Development of an IgG-Fc fusion COVID-19 subunit vaccine, AKS-452

          AKS-452 is a biologically-engineered vaccine comprising an Fc?fusion protein?of the SARS-CoV-2?viral spike protein?receptor binding domain antigen (Ag) and human?IgG1?Fc (SP/RBD-Fc) in clinical development for the... Read More

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          Akston Begins Trials For Room Temperature Covid Shot As Next-Generation Vaccine Race Heats Up

          Forbes – Massachusetts-based Akston Biosciences launched mid-to-late stage clinical trials for its Covid-19 vaccine Saturday, the company told Forbes, one of several second-generation shots jostling for a share of the market... Read More

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          Akston Biosciences Doses First Subjects in Phase II Clinical Trial of Second-Generation Protein Subunit COVID-19 Vaccine

          Beverly, Mass. – August 5, 2021?– Akston Biosciences Corporation, a developer of new classes of biologic therapeutics, announced today that the first participants have been... Read More

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          Akston Biosciences Corporation leverages its novel fusion protein platform to develop and manufacture new classes of biologics, including vaccines, ultra-long-acting insulins, and autoimmune disease therapies. Founded by the team that developed the world’s first clinical glucose-responsive insulin at SmartCells, Inc. (sold to Merck & Co.), Akston has partnered with Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC (DPH) to commercialize once-a-week canine and feline insulin therapies. It operates a GMP biologics manufacturing facility and research laboratory at its Beverly, Massachusetts location.