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          Pharmaceutical – Quality Assurance Specialist

          Immediate opening for?Pharmaceutical – Quality Assurance Specialist?with demonstrated in-depth?knowledge, proficiency, and experience in Quality Systems/QA activities in regulated pharmaceutical environment. The Pharmaceutical QA Specialist will establish QA procedures, write SOPs, identify and resolve Quality problems in GMP/GLP, investigate and report deviations, conduct quality inspections, and implement document management and control.

          Download the full job description here.

          Quality Assurance Specialist/Associate

          Two immediate openings for Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists/Associates with demonstrated proficiency in quality systems/QA activities in regulated pharmaceutical environment.

          The QA Specialists/Associates will perform QA review of controlled documents, write SOPs, establish QA procedures, coordinate quality activities, identify and resolve quality problems in GMP/GLP, assist in conducting routine inspections, establish and implement document management and control activities.

          The successful candidate will have a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in life sciences; 1-5 years of work experience in pharmaceutical or biotech industries; a minimum of 1 year of QA experience in support of GMP/GLP. Knowledge of FDA, EMEA and other applicable industry and quality regulations related to pharmaceutical industry is required. Proficiency and knowledge in quality system operations and applicable regulations related to GXP is preferred.

          Download the full job description here.